Future Tenses

To express future we use WILL for:

A sudden decision

  • Ok, I‘ll go with you
  • Yes, I will marry you

A voluntary action, an offering

  • I‘ll make some sandwiches
  • They will do it

A request

  • Will you help me?
  • Will you make dinner?

A promise

  • Don’t worry, I‘ll be careful
  • I promise I won’t tell anyone

A prediction

  • I think it will rain
  • We will probably come back tomorrow

A conditional clauses type I

  • If he phones me, I won’t answer
Afirmative ➣ Plants will grow
Negative ➣ The planet will not / won’t survive
Interrogative ➣ Will wild animals die out?

No obstante, igual que en español podemos expresar el futuro de tres maneras diferentes:
Mañana lo haré (decisión más espontánea)

willI will do it tomorrow

Mañana lo voy a hacer (decisión más planeada)

going toI am going to do it tomorrow

Mañana lo hago (el presente también puede indicar futuro)

CAREFUL  present continuous I am doing it tomorrow

The future in your hands

Palmistry. Do you believe it is possible to tell a person’s future by studying their hands? Do you know how to do it? Look at the palm of the hand you write with. Then look at the picture below. Find the 5 lines. A palmist believes that each line tells us something about our future.

reference: New Generation Colin Granger Heinemann


reference: English for Life Pre-Intermediate Oxford

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Exercises will

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