Present Continuous

It is used for actions which are happening now, at the moment of speakingWe are working at the moment

for temporary situations although the action isn’t happening at the moment of speaking She’s staying with her friend for a week

for very repeated habits She is always laughing

affirmative negative interrogative
I am studyingI am not studyingAm I studying?
You are standingYou are not standingAre you standing?
He/ She/ It is workingHe is not workingIs she working?
We are swimmingWe are not swimmingAre we swimming?
You are payingYou are not payingAre you paying?
They are drinkingThey are not drinkingAre they drinking?

What are you doing?

reference: New Generation Colin Granger Heinemann

Write the exercise like that:

Bernie is in the living room. He is reading a newspaper.

Sam and Ella are in the living room. They are watching TV.

The family is now in the living room. find and write who is
  • playing
  • opening
  • eating
  • reading
  • watching
  • drawing
  • writing
  • putting on
  • switching on
  • the light
  • the piano
  • their glasses
  • a letter
  • a novel
  • a doughnut
  • dolls
  • the door
  • TV

reference: New Generation Colin Granger Heinemann

Write the exercise like that:

Edna and Bernie are playing the piano.
James is switching on the light.

Reading ➳ 🎕 The Ghost of Mary Bell 🎕

referenceNew Generation Colin Granger Heinemann

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The English Tenses

The English Tenses
The English Tenses. Perfect and Continuous.

Table of Tenses All English Tenses

Present SimplePresent ContinuousPast SimplePast Continuous
She eatsYou are eatingShe ateYou were eating
She does not eatYou are not eatingShe did not eatYou were not eating
Does she eat?Are you eating?Did she eat?Were you eating?

Future SimpleConditional SimplePresent PerfectPast Perfect
I will eatI would eatHe has eatenHe had eaten
I will not eatI would not eatHe has not eatenHe had not eaten
Will I eat?Would I eat?Has he eaten?Had he eaten?

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Present Perfect Continuous I have been eating
Past Perfect Continuous I had been eating
Future Continuous I will be eating
Future Perfect I will have eaten
Future Perfect Continuous I will have been eating
Conditional Continuous I would be eating
Conditional Perfect I would have eaten
Conditional Perfect Continuous I would have been eating

He has been eating
He has not been eating
Has he been eating?
putting emphasis on the duration (not the result) action that recently stopped or is still going on/ finished action that influences the present
He had been eating
He had not been eating
Had he been eating?
action taking place before a certain time in the past interchangeable with past perfect
(emphasis on the duration)
He is going to eat
He is not going to eat
Is he going to eat?
planned decision or conclusion with regard
to the future
He will be eating
He will not be eating
Will he be eating?

action that is going on at a certain time in the future action that is sure to happen in the near future
He will have eaten
He will not have eaten
Will he have eaten?

action that will be finished at a certain time in the future
He will have been
He will not have been
Will he have been

action taking place before a certain time in the future putting emphasis on the course of an action
He would have
He would not have
Would he have

action that might have taken place in the past
third conditional:
If I had seen that, I would have helped


He would have been
He would not have
been eating
Would he have
been eating?
third conditional
unfulfilled result of the

action in the if-clause

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