It is used for actions which are happening now, at the moment of speakingWe are working at the moment

for temporary situations although the action isn’t happening at the moment of speaking She’s staying with her friend for a week

for very repeated habits She is always laughing

affirmative negative interrogative
I am studyingI am not studyingAm I studying?
You are standingYou are not standingAre you standing?
He/ She/ It is workingHe is not workingIs she working?
We are swimmingWe are not swimmingAre we swimming?
You are payingYou are not payingAre you paying?
They are drinkingThey are not drinkingAre they drinking?

What are you doing?

reference: New Generation Colin Granger Heinemann

Write the exercise like that:

Bernie is the living room. He is reading a newspaper.

Sam and Ella are in the living room. They are watching TV.

reference: New Generation Colin Granger Heinemann

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