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Test #1: Read the sentences, choose and click the right option

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Test #2: Read the text, choose and write the right word

Most humans believe (1) animals (2) things or instruments at (3) service. They think that humans can use, exploit, torture and kill (4) and that animals do not deserve care or attention.

But today this idea is starting to change. More and more people (5) the world (6) differently. It is a wave that does not stop growing. More and more people know that animals are beings that (7) and suffer, and that is why we (8) respect and defend them.

(9) people claim that animal (10) matter.

Test #3: Read the text, choose and write the correct word

Leisure with animals

Swimming with dolphins, horse (1) ,feeding a giraffe, trekking on a camel or an elephant, taking photos with a hawk…

People may do all these things and never question these acts. Nevertheless, we should question ourselves (2) this is abuse.

Animals forced to carry out activities that go against their own nature end up psychologically wrecked and with their health impaired.

What (3) of moral conscience leads us to accept the slavery of animals, (4) in captivity (5) their will?

What idea do we get about the real needs of dolphins (mammals capable of diving up to 100 meters deep in search of food) confined in small pools?

What image is left of us when we see birds that should be flying in flocks in forests and jungles, with (6) wings cut off or locked in cages so that they can pose in photographs?

Do we really want to see an elephant (in nature he lives in large herds and walks up to 50 km a day) alone and chained?

Leisure or tourism with wild animals is an industry that profits from their suffering and transmits a great (7) : that animals in captivity are happy and that forced contact with people is positive for (8) .

In Thailand, Thong Bai is a star. Over the years, he has (9) the symbol of omnipotence. He has been in movies and commercials. The problem is that Thong Bai (10) for it. He never wanted to become a star, he never wanted to be a symbol; because Thong Bai (11) his entire life mutilated, abused, chained. All his life!!

(12) an animal to a life in captivity for our amusement (zoos, circuses, dolphin tanks, aquariums) dehumanizes people and numbs society to the effects of the cruelty and degradation we inflict upon them.

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